Family and Friends

My children, "Ryan and Kalen"

My two, wonderful sons Ryan and Kalen. Ryan is my oldest son, he's 25. He graduated from UT with a computer engineering degree and is in his final semester of graduate school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Ryan is an amazing inspiration to me. He is smart but more important than that....he can take all that life dishes out and continue to look in a forward direction every time. He's amazing and a great example to follow. Kalen is 22, and is in the Geology curriculum at UT. It's not easy to get into UT because it's such a popular school but he did it. Kalen loves to do physically challenging things like surf....climb rocks.....ride bikes....etc. He has always been physically active and is always up for challenging himself to do more. Since he's been very little he takes a challenge well and never seems to give up. Both my boys are good boys.....OK, men.....(but always my boys) and I love them so very much. Go RYAN....GO're awesome and everything I've ever hoped to have in sons. Love ya!!
My Mother My Mother and I when we were young My dad and my nephew, Joey
Thank you Momma for believing in me, for encouraging me, and for being such a wonderful friend and Mother. You are.....the very best and I'm so glad He sent me to you.

My brother, Steve

My brother,  Mike and his wife Diane
My awesome, brothers. Steve and Mike mean the world to me and I'm so proud to call them my brothers. I love you!

Tia and Dan Otto

Tia and Dan are more "family" than friends. They are both in law enforcement. They raise top quality German Shepherds....stop in and visit their site We enjoy going horse camping together. They live right across the street from me and I consider it one of my biggest blessings.
Thank you Tia and Dan for your is soooo appreciated. Connie
Carol and her son, Stacy began as horse customers and ended as "family". I am so very blessed to have them in my life. Stacy is an inspiration.....always upbeat....always positive....always looking ahead and not behind. Carol is such a good friend....I can not remember my life without them and will forever be grateful that they are here now. Love you both so much.

Chris my "Friend" first and my "Boss" second

Chris has not only been my boss at work for the last 10 years but has also become a wonderful friend. It is not during the sunshine that you recognize an awesome friends face....but rather it is times of darkness....times of struggle and strife. It is during those times in my life that Chris has really been there for me....she was right there to hold the "flashlight" in the darkness so I could see. What would I have ever done without you Chris? It will always be so appreciated and never forgotten. Thank you doesn't really do it.....I love you sums it up.